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 Paint Preservation System

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PostSubject: Paint Preservation System   Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:37 pm



• How do CSII PTFE Paint Sealants work?
• Prevention is better than cure
• Why CS - II Sealants should only be applied by our experience professionals.

A breakthrough in paint technology which is guaranteed to give your vehicle the flawless finish and shine for at least 18 months.


Your new vehicle looks beautiful, inside and out. To help maintain this flawless beauty, you will want the CSII Protection Plan for the exterior and interior.

These unique products are an opportunity that may interest you. As vehicle owners we have washed, waxed and polished our cars over and over for many years. Always looking for the optimum solution where the vehicle would sparkle and we wouldn’t have to spend this entire time keeping them clean, instead driving them and enjoying them. We have the answer you have been looking for, and will help you achieve it.

Your modes of transportation, like our homes, are very expensive. With the high sun temperature and humidity in Singapore almost every day of the year, it makes sense to protect your investments. We have a product that will protect your vehicle. CSII PTFE Paint Sealant comes with a 18-month written warranty on gloss.

CSII PTFE Paint Sealant when applied professionally will produce 5,000 crystalline PTFE (or common known as PTFE) resin particles over one square inch that locks into the paint surface of a vehicle and seals it. There is no waxing required for 18 months. When the product is applied, any acid rain fallout, bird droppings, or tree sap will not harm the PTFE coating. Washing with our CSII SILICON FREE car wash solution (which will be given complimentary for the first session) will remove any foreign particles and always takes it back to the flawless shine created by PTFE paint sealant.

CSII is a multiple step application and can only applied by technically trained staff.

This product comes with paint sealant preparation wash, PTFE base and PTFE Activator.

To summarise, CSII PTFE Paint Sealant will have the following advantages for your vehicle:-

Protects your vehicle’s paint finish and simultaneously adds a brilliant shine which is guaranteed to last for 18 months. All you have to do to maintain this shine is clean your vehicle with a towel and clean water. It’s easy and mess-free !

Unlike waxing which only gives a temporary shine and protection, this incredible paint sealant seals in the brilliance of the paint colour, protect it from the harmful sun rays and other elements.

This sealant has the added advantage of removing oxidation in your vehicle’s paint and restore your vehicle to look like new.
Below are some of the facts about the essential element in this product, PTFE:-

PTFE in itself is a chemical product that is highly heat and corrosion resistant, has excellent non-wetting properties that allows for easy clean up of coated surface.

It is one of the “slickest” substances known to man, and can reduce the coefficient of air friction (drag).

Acrylic, when applied to the vehicle, actually becomes part of the finish, creating an impenetrable shield that rust proofs, seals, and shines brilliantly. With CSII PTFE Paint Sealant, the paint surface will resist grime and dust. Simply rinse surface with a mild detergent and water, wipe with a clean towel or chamois, and see your vehicle sparkle.

How do CSII PTFE Paint Sealants work?

If you were to look at your paintwork under a microscope, you would see that it isn’t smooth, it is full of holes and looks much like a sponge. Every time it rains, the average car will soak up over a pint of water. But just think what else it soaks up! The environment is full of chemical which are harmful to paintwork, from acid rain to corrosive and oxidizing compounds deposited by rain. Sealing these holes protects the paintwork and even makes it stronger giving you some degree of protection against stone chips and minor scratches. The tough coating also blocks harmful UV radiation which can bleach the colour from your car.

Prevention is better than cure

We do offer a wide range of services to repair and rectify problems, but it’s far better to come and see us first and avoid some of those problems altogether. When you have bought your new car, bring it to us and we can offer you a range of services, which can help protect and maintain.

A good quality sealant protects your paintwork and keeps your car in showroom condition. It prevents you car form fading and going dull, and even offers some protection against stone chips and birds dropping. Your paintwork isn’t there just to look pretty. Paintwork protects your cars bodywork from rust. So it makes sense to protect this paintwork.

We can provide a range of different fabric protectors and coatings which prevent permanent stains, help keep your fabric clean and can even kill dust mites which cause allergies and asthma in children.

Why CS - II Sealants should only be applied by our experience professionals.

Our CS-II PTFE Paint Sealant is designed to chemically bond to your paintwork. For this reason they need to be applied directly to bare paintwork. If applied over the top of wax, they will not bond and will only break down and disintegrate as the wax evaporates. For this reason, our professional technician will prepare the car before application.

CS-II PTFE Paint Sealant form a tough plastic coating over your car’s bodywork, they seal in your paintwork no matter what its condition. They can also seal in all the harmful chemicals which they are designed to guard against if not removed prior to application. CS-II PTFE Sealant do not polish your car, they don’t restore faded or dull paintwork, and they certainly don’t remove fallout, acids, or compounds.

CS-II PTFE Paint Sealant are not designed for easy application by the general public as most retail waxes are, they can only be applied with our experience professional. If not applied by an experience professional, this can result in swirl marks, hazing, and white staining to plastic trim and rubbers.




[b]Booking Through Every1Shop Pricing

[color=red]CS-II Paint Preservation System[/color]

Small Car (Getz, Fit, Swift) :
Usual Price S$280
[color=red]Now : S$225 Nett[/color]

Saloon Car (Civic, Altis, Vios, Lancer, Mazda 3) :
Usual Price S$320
[color=red]Now : S$255 Nett[/color]

Luxury Car & Small S.U.V. (Camry, New Mazda 6, BMW, Mercedes,
Rush,RAV4) :
Usual Price S$350
[color=red]Now : S$280 Nett[/color]

Large S.U.V. (Murano, Harrier, Vanguard, Mazda CX7, Crossroad,
Vitara) :
Usual Price S$380
[color=red]Now : S$300 Nett[/color]

Small M.P.V. (Stream, Wish, Odyssey, Zafera) :
Usual Price $400
[color=red]Now : $315 Nett[/color]

Large M.P.V. (Alphard, Prado, Noah) :
Usual Price $450
[color=red]Now : S$355 Nett[/b][/color]

[color=red][b]BOOK NOW:[/b][/color] ray@every1shop.com / 90499001 (Ray)

1) Your Name
2) Vehicle Model / Color / Plate No.
3) contact Number
4) Date available

* Every1Shop's Forum members enjoy additional $10 discount off promotion price.
(Please indicate your forum user id, when email / sms for booking)
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Paint Preservation System
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